Our Story

Life has always been an adventure for us. We both lived in Utah, met in April 1980, and married in Aug 1980. Yep, 4 months later. We have now been married for 42+ years.

We met at a church activity not long after Ninette had given up her newly born baby for adoption. Stay to the end to learn about reuniting with this child after 43 years.

We have 4 children, Janell, Dustin, Jynette, and Janae. The oldest is 41 and the youngest is 25. There are 7 year spans between the last 2 as Ninette had difficulty with the last 2, but with persistence, we got the 4 we planned on.

After our first child was born I decided to go to college to learn how to provide a better future for our family. Before I graduated I was offered a Computer Programming job with the State of Utah. During that time work was overwhelming so I never finished college and I had a good job so I didn’t think much about it.

A few years after our son was born we moved to Dallas TX with hopes of making more money but found out that the cost of living was much higher than what we were offered. So after 3 years, we moved back to Utah.

When we came back to Utah I got a job with Associated Food Stores which is an independent grocery chain. I started out as a programmer but after a few years moved into the networking world as a network engineer. I retired after 25 years and at the age of 59 1/2.

Ninette spent most of her life as a work-at-home mom supporting our 4 children. Ninette’s passion was photography and she loved taking pictures of the family. We built our custom home in West Jordan Utah which included a Portrait Photo Studio. Ninette started her own business called Ninette’s Photography and started taking portraits of clients. She loved taking portraits but as our last daughter became a Volleyball athlete she moved into Sports Photography.

When our youngest daughter graduated high school we decided it was time to downsize. We sold our 5000 sqft custom home which the whole family was involved in building in 2018. The plan was to live in apartments and travel the world. As we started researching things we found out there was a lot in this country we had not seen yet. Ninette came across the idea of getting a motor home and doing some travel and that is how we fell into the lifestyle of full-time RV living.

We are now starting our 6th year as full-time RV’ers and loving our time together.

Well, the story doesn’t stop there because, after about 4 years into the full-time life, Ninette’s daughter she had given up for adoption reached out to her. Come to find out they had known each other for over 12 years and were Facebook friends to boot. So now we have another daughter and she has 3 children. Yay! We are grandparents.